Removing Settings.bundle from an iOS application

XCode4 is an extremely well designed development environment for iOS.  But once in a while you hit upon a few quirks.  If you’re developing an application and are experimenting with a Settings.bundle, then later decide to remove it, you may be pleasantly surprised to continue to find it in the iOS Simulator and on your development devices.

The trick in handling this is to do a “Clean” in your XCode project in addition to removing the application from your target device or simulator.  Now when you deploy a new version of your application, you should correctly not have a Settings.bundle anymore.

The reason for this is because the Settings.bundle is actually deployed as a set of files on your device.  If you notice when your application creates data on the device, that data remains when you deploy a new version of your application.  Unfortunately, it treats the Settings.bundle the same way.

Note: An application deployed to the App store will probably work correctly.  But for whatever reason, the Simulator and provisioned devices need this extra hand.

2 thoughts on “Removing Settings.bundle from an iOS application

  1. Thanks for your post.

    Have you been able to confirm that this step (deleting the app) is not needed when publishing an update on the app store ?

    The current version of my app has a settings bundle which I would like to get rid of in the next version. I’m hoping that the users will not have to delete the app and reinstall it to remove the app from the device’s settings menu and let the new in-app settings take over.


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