SuperDrive on a USB hub

If you’re looking to put some distance between your MacBook and your SuperDrive, you may be tempted to use a USB hub.  Unfortunately you have to go through a few hoops to do this.

iOS Architectural Design Patterns

iOS continues to evolve and we’re constantly looking to improve our code while providing rich user experiences.  Here’s a few ideas people have had that continue to push the envelope in architectural design patterns.

User Deletions and CAPTCHAs

Apologies for the few legitimate users on my server, but I had to make a purge due to too many spam users. I’d originally made use of SI CAPTCHA, but it appears that approach is just far too simple for spambots these days. reCAPTCHA is a popular solution as well but also proved ineffective. So […]

Evaluating Mail Providers

In my quest to leave Bluehost as my web hosting provider, I needed a solution for my email.  Uncertain as to whether my next provider would satisfy my email needs, I decided to search for email-only providers.  Here are some of my findings…

What is Plus Addressing?

Plus Addressing is a very simple way to have multiple “discardable” email addresses with no-hassle.  Basically you add a “+tag” to your username.  So for example, if your email address is, you can add a “+” then any word you want.  This gives you a few options when handing out your email address to online […]

Webhost Migration

After about 10 years with Bluehost (2007-2017), I finally decided to switch hosting providers.  Bluehost has served me decently over all these years.  I can’t say I’d been 100% happy with them, but they did server their purpose.  However, due to various reasons (performance, quality, service, etc.), I’ve finally decided to switch hosting providers…