Mac Energy Usage

Little things the Mac does that’s awesome… almost…

Battery life is important, but how do you know what’s eating up your battery?
Fortunately OS X has this nice feature where if you click the power icon in the menu bar, you’ll see apps using “significant energy”
Unfortunately, it’s most often Safari (at least for me — I have maybe 50 windows each with 5+ tabs each)
Fortunately, you can click on “Safari” and it will load up Activity Monitor showing you details of the energy impact of the apps
Unfortunately, Safari is a single item in that list
Fortunately, Safari expands to show various “Safari Web Content” threads each with it’s own energy score
Unfortunately, they all show “Safari Web Content” making it hard to know which website is the culprit
Fortunately, you can mouse-over the “Safari Web Content” thread in question and it will show you the URLs associated with that thread
Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to easily match the URLs to open windows/tabs.

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