Mandrill vs Mailjet – A Very Cursory Comparison

There’s plenty of reviews out there for these two transactional mail services.  But here’s a few “at a glance” items that’s not obvious from most reviews I’ve come across.

Link Tracking

Mailjet tracked links look like this:

Whereas Mandrill tracked links look like this by default:

Or when customized to your own domain:


Weekly Email Reports

Both services offer the ability receive weekly summaries on your usage.  Here’s what they look like:


Mandrill Weekly Summary

Mandrill Weekly Summary


Mailjet Weekly Summary

Mailjet Weekly Summary



Mailjet also offers some convenient ways to send newsletters.  While Mandrill is certainly far more configurable, so far it’s been unclear to me whether Mandrill offers this feature.



For my own uses, I rather like Mailjet’s clean look and ease of understanding.  However, Mandrill beats out on what’s actually delivered to your recipients.  So I’m reluctantly going to stick with Mandrill.


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