User Deletions and CAPTCHAs

Apologies for the few legitimate users on my server, but I had to make a purge due to too many spam users. I’d originally made use of SI CAPTCHA, but it appears that approach is just far too simple for spambots these days. reCAPTCHA is a popular solution as well but also proved ineffective. So […]

Evaluating Mail Providers

In my quest to leave Bluehost as my web hosting provider, I needed a solution for my email.  Uncertain as to whether my next provider would satisfy my email needs, I decided to search for email-only providers.  Here are some of my findings…

Speeding up WordPress

Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion that dynamic websites are the wrong way to go for a blog, but that’s the topic of a whole other article.  For now, if you want something easy to setup and well supported, WordPress is the dominant player.  But how do you make it fast?

The big RAID mistake

You come back from lunch one day and  get back onto your computer only to find it unresponsive.  After some time of fiddling with cables and making sure your coworkers aren’t playing a prank on you, the sinking feeling starts to settle in.  Your hard disk has crashed and you’ve lost all your data. Maybe […]

Mac Software for Developers

Here’s some great software for developers: (more detail and links to follow) Free MacVim – Vim for Mac Time Tracker – Keep track of how much time you spend on projects Xcode – (duh!) Mac Ports – Great way to get common open source utilities on  your Mac Reducticon – Makes it easier to create iOS App Icons XQuartz […]

Paid Mac Software

Here’s a list of commercial Mac Software that I recommend: (more detail and links to follow) Pages – Word Processing + Graphic design, the way everyone actually wants to use it! Numbers – Caters to the way real people actually use spreadsheets Keynote – Create beautiful presentations easily! Aperture – Think iPhoto for power users iBank – […]

Free Mac Software

Below is a list of freely available software that I would recommend for all Mac users. Must Haves Alfred – If you install nothing else, install this.  Alfred makes it easy for typers to find applications, folders, etc. Utilities f.lux – Save your eyes at night OmniDiskSweeper – A simple utility to find where you’re using all […]