iPhone 5 for Fall 2011?

Rumors are starting to fly around for the next generation iPhone.  Apple doesn’t release details before a release, and I have no real information here backed up by anything but rumors.  But since everyone else is offering their bit, I figured I’d chime in and offer my thoughts.

Flash, The Google Killer

There’s been a lot of talk about Adobe Flash in the blogosphere.  Specifically the sheer hatred Apple seems to have towards Flash.  While Apple’s issues are for the most part understandable, their actions and reactions have become almost irrational.  Interestingly, it’s Google who should be most afraid of Flash.

Digital Archaeology

Who do you think will have an easier time understanding a society?  Archeologists today studying civilizations 1000 years ago, or Archeologists 1000 years from now studying us today?

Sending binary files via minicom

Minicom is the defacto standard serial communication program for Linux, modeled after the old DOS program Telix.  While Minicom isn’t as advanced as Telix, it does offer quite a bit of functionality that satisfies most common needs.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t include a binary upload option.

Removing Settings.bundle from an iOS application

XCode4 is an extremely well designed development environment for iOS.  But once in a while you hit upon a few quirks.  If you’re developing an application and are experimenting with a Settings.bundle, then later decide to remove it, you may be pleasantly surprised to continue to find it in the iOS Simulator and on your […]