What is Plus Addressing?

Plus Addressing is a very simple way to have multiple “discardable” email addresses with no-hassle.  Basically you add a “+tag” to your username.  So for example, if your email address is john.doe@gmail.com, you can add a “+” then any word you want.  This gives you a few options when handing out your email address to online […]

Webhost Migration

After about 10 years with Bluehost (2007-2017), I finally decided to switch hosting providers.  Bluehost has served me decently over all these years.  I can’t say I’d been 100% happy with them, but they did server their purpose.  However, due to various reasons (performance, quality, service, etc.), I’ve finally decided to switch hosting providers…

Speeding up WordPress

Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion that dynamic websites are the wrong way to go for a blog, but that’s the topic of a whole other article.  For now, if you want something easy to setup and well supported, WordPress is the dominant player.  But how do you make it fast?


There’s plenty of lists of BaaS offerings out there, but some of them have since disappeared/consolidated.  So here’s a list based on my findings as of today: